The story of the drama serial Adawat revolves around two sisters Areeba and Maria. Asjad is married to Maria and Areeba is married to Rehan. But jealousy and envy between relationships destroy peace and harmony among them.

Actress Fatima Effendi and Shazeal Shoukat have appeared in the lead roles in the drama serial Adawat opposite Saad Qureshi and Syed Jibran. The talented cast and touching story have made this drama very interesting.


The cast of this drama includes Saad Qureshi, Fatima Effendi, Shazeal Shoukat and Syed Jibran. Dania Enwer, Naveed Raza and Kinza Malik.

Release Date: 12th December 2023
Timing:  Daily at 7:00 PM

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