Misc Is Armeena Rana Khan Taunting Mahira Khan?

Is Armeena Rana Khan Taunting Mahira Khan?


Armeena Khan might not have accolades on her name, but the actress is no less a public figure and extremely popular when it comes to her name and looks. Though she hasn’t ever received any award here in Pakistan and it seems it doesn’t matter to her, but the recent Mahira-Mehwish Best Film Actress LUX Award controversy has all her attention.
In a subliminal tweet, Armeena hinted at how unfair awards are distributed among the known faces and there should be a strict check and balance to who gets an award:

Not just this, she further went on to bash the event by tweeting:

When people jumped in to comment and support her, she further got into her stance by saying that awards really don’t matter much, and it is the respect, recognition and work that speaks volumes.

It seems that Armeena herself isn’t much happy with Mahira winning an award. There are number of people who have come out to support her. Well, let’s wait and watch if this turns out to be an ugly war between the two or not.