Jaisay Aapki Marzi

Jaisay Aapki Marzi is a 2023 Pakistani drama aired on Ary Digital. Jaisay Aapki Marzi drama cast name, story, writer, director, release date, day & timing, OST, and other details. The main cast of this drama includes Mikaal Zulfiqar, Dur-e-Fishan Saleem, Javed Sheikh, Ali Safina, and Kiran Malik.
Unfolding the desires of the heart, the drama ‘Jaisay Aapki Marzi weaves a captivating tale of love and passion. Set against the backdrop of intense emotions, the story dives deep into the complexities of romance. The characters, brilliantly brought to life by Mikaal Zulfiqar and Dur-e-Fishan Saleem, share a love so profound that the very idea of separation becomes unfathomable. Their journey takes a transformative turn as love blossoms into a sacred bond, ultimately leading them to marriage.

The show beautifully illustrates the power of love in the face of societal judgment. ‘Jaisay Aapki Marzi’ is not just a story; it’s a mirror reflecting how societal pressure can shape individuals. This gripping narrative serves as a reminder that true love can weather even the harshest storms of judgmental eyes. Join us in this enchanting tale as we explore the resilience of love amidst the trials of a critical society. Release Date August 23, 2023 And Timing Tuesday & Wednesday 9pm (PKT)

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