Misc Syed Noor & Saima Khan Talk On The Divorce Rumors

Syed Noor & Saima Khan Talk On The Divorce Rumors


It isn’t easy to be a starlet in Pakistan. With the big names circulating in the media all the time, sometimes it becomes extremely hard to sustain the pressure and baggage that comes along. This time, it is Saima and Syed Noor who have faced the brunt of useless social media rumours and posts that are apt on destroying these star’s personal lives.

The Lollywood power couple was reportedly rumoured to have taken divorce, which is not new, considering we get to hear this news every other day. But, this time around the news got all sorts of attention on social media and this did not sit well with the celebrity couple.
In a video, both Saima and Syed Noor have come forward and clarified that they haven’t taken any divorce. They further said that such stuff hurts their feeling and talking about their relationship so openly on social media is completely intolerable. At least, we stand with them here. Here is the clip of the video storming the social media: